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I did quit completely for a while and can resist having a cigarette if I want to. In fact on a week where I party I would smoke a bit less than half a 20 pack, some weeks I even smoke none. What I've quit is my addiction. The thing is I enjoy it and I don't see it giving me any health problems if I only have one every now and again. Considering the air I'm breathing when I stand at a busy intersection is pretty much just as bad as having a cigarette I say why not have one occasionally? When you look at something and say "I'm never going to do that again" and your entire heart isn't in it that's a bit of an unrealistic expectation. It's like saying "I'm never drinking again" after a night out or "I'm never going outside again" after an unfortunate public event happens to you. There are things in the world that harm our health every day and yet we still manage to lead long and healthy lives a lot of the time. I'm not saying everyone should follow that philosophy when it comes to smoking, some people do have severe health problems, develop a dependancy easily, or want to lead a healthier lifestyle, I say congrats to them if they're gonna quit because it's probably a very necessary thing. For me personally though I'll probably still have the odd smoke. It is a goal of mine to cut down on the social smoking (and to limit myself to 4 cigs in a week), but I'll never say never... Or maybe I will if the pictures they're putting on the packs these days get any more graphic and disturbing. I mean, imagine if they put pictures of mutilated people, vomit, etc, on food items that contained unhealthy ingredients at your grocery store! Want some coffee? Here's a picture of severe gingivitis! Blimey! Look at the gangrene on that bacon! We'd have a nation of bulimics in no time...

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True, I've been known to be a stress case with the ciggys too. When I was weening off any kind of regular smoking I replaced them with drinking (which was even more expensive :P). Turns out I was actually suffering from an underlying anxiety disorder because even with all my vices I was still stressed and anxious all the time. I think it's about changing your lifestyle so that you don't have so much of that stress. I got therapy as well which put things into perspective and helped me eliminate my unrealistic beliefs as well as move away from those who were putting stress on me with theirs. Another thing which made me shy away from smoking more was my type 1 diabetes. I didn't wanna lose any limbs cos I need them for guitar so it wasn't all pure willpower, I had some 'help'. The only advice I can give you if you want to cut down is to closely examine the reasons why you smoke, then get rid of those reasons if you can.

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Yup. You're pretty much my goal. And when I started(at 18), all the way until I was probably 21 I had the habit of you where I would smoke some days, and not on other days, and was a very light smoker. Nowadays, i tend to smoke 4-5 a day, and I have cut down from like 7 a day. The most I ever smoked was 10 per day. My heart isn't in quitting. But I want to quit for financial reasons. However I just feel like my day is so stressful I can't get through it without a cigarette. Because that's what changed. I smoke now to alleviate stress or refresh myself, whereas when I started I smoked for many reasons but none of them were to help me cope with anything.