Counting The Days...

I did quit smoking, a while ago. I had been smoking for six years, a heavy smoker, of a pack a day habit. And I was one of those "chain-smokers", who is frugal too! So, I would smoke my cigs right down to the butt of it, wasting nothing. Imagine all of that tar and chemicals, always in my lungs. I had gained myself asthma from the habit, to say the least. My doctors went ape-**** on me... as my health isn't 100% as it is, then at age 23, I start a smoking habit. A very stupid age to start smoking, I know. But, I was just angry at myself, when I started it, and my own health. I started smoking as a way to give the universe a huge middle finger... but kinda screwed myself with that decision. Oops! =p

Anyhoo, in February, I decided to quit. It wasn't an great reason as to why I did it. I had been having major asthma attacks for weeks in a row, so drained from the attacks, fearing that my lungs may quit on me in my sleep. I would stop breathing in my sleep too, waking myself up in the middle of the night, with terror and panic, thinking and praying to myself, "Just breath, girl! Try and breath again!!!" And after a few minutes, my lungs would start up again, with me gasping and seeing stars. >_o

BUT, even that wasn't enough to make me want to quit! I was still stubborn, holding onto an addiction that was slowly killing me. What was the last straw  is a very shallow reason. My best friend mentioned just awesome movie for me to get, "District 9", and I wanted to buy it. But, after buying cigs with their new price hike, I had spent all of my extra money... close to $70 on cigarettes!!! And it only lasted me for three weeks! And so, I was broke because of my addiction. This is what made me quit! LOL! A lack of money in my pocket, for a dvd, was enough for me to say... "Okay, I'm sick AND I can't even get an dvd to enjoy too??? Forget THIS!" XD

I have been smoke-free for one month, two weeks, and two days. And I'm still fighting still. But, I wouldn't have gotten this far, without the encouragement of my best friend. I had slipped twice and had the total of two cigs, in the first week of quitting. He didn't make fun of me, when I felt bad for it and said, "I'll try again!" He didn't respond with an, "Until next time, then you'll smoke again! Hahahahaha!" like some had, the last time I tried to quit, over a year ago. And because of that, I am determine to beat this. Not just for me, or for my family, but for him also. I have had some rough days, very BAD days, and I wanted a cigarette BADLY!!! But, then I thought of him and my family, then tossed away the thought. ^_^

I think I'm going to make it, this time around. ^_-

Btw... I did finally get District 9... that movie is AWESOME! ^o^

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...just one thing: a chain smoker is someone who smokes all the know 3 packs a day or something. I smoked 2...there's approx. 16 hours in a day, so that's 2 in an hour, one every 30 minutes...3 packs is one every 20 minutes, those are chain smokers...good you quit, I am quittiing too. **** smoking!

Congrats!!!! good for you. You can and will beat it. Nothing last forever, just remember that.<br />
Cigs have so many chemicals, they mess w/ everything. They even alter brain patterns, dna...etc..<br />
I even read that cigs contain an anasetic to give you a false feeling of, "everything will be ok"...<br />
WOW!!!! I know.....<br />
So all in all, your doing the right thing.... be a quitter for once in your life......

Hiyas, Vikky! ^_^<br />
Thanks for reading. And yes, quitting smoking is one of the hardest things I had to do. But, I'm too stubborn to stop now! I've gotten so far without the problems and the smoke choking the life out of me. ^_-<br />
And yes, you're more than welcome to say "god bless" to us or to me. I welcome that regardless of my religious beliefs, and see it as a nice gesture of good-will, always. And I thank you for being so kind! ^o^<br />
<br />
And thanks... you know, I have been hired as an writer for someone... and he says the same thing. I'm hearing that often, that I have a way with writing or words... Feh. Makes me blush! I don't believe that I'm any special with it. LOL! If I am, it's the fault of my fourth grade teacher! She's the one who taught me the most about writing! ^_-