I Quit Ten Months Ago

 I gave it up completly. I confront the addiction by walking by smokers instead of avoiding them. I have mentally defeated the addiction and I own the cravings completly. I welcomed the pain, discomfort and withdrawls because I knew that they were the cure for my addiction.

Never going back baby. OH, I used an electronic cigarette with a quit smoking package for the first four days, it was supposed to be two weeks worth, But I used them up in a few days. So I stuck it out.

   Good luck to all future quiters, and remember to welcome your emotions and frustrations. Welcome the cravings, thats the only to beat them. Do not fight them, they are natural, and you cannot will yourself out of having cravings. They will pass quicker and quicker. And then they will come more and more often. And then they slow down, and come back, and eventually, they stop. And don't worry if you gain a little weight, with the energy you get from not smoking you can get into even better shape!

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3 Responses Apr 15, 2010

I used simular tecniques when I quit 9 years ago. I didn't avoid other smokers or smoking areas. I didn't bother avoiding other habits connected with lighting a cigarette, like drinking coffe for example. When I put on a few pounds i said to myself "this is better than smoking". When the cravings came over me or lost my temper I tried to remember that all of that was caused by smoking in the first place. Most important when quitting is really wanting it. I was a real heavy smoker. The last couple of years I had to pay monthly visits to the dentist.t one point he told me that my teeth would fall out in another five to ten years an that the process had aleady begun. He told me the sole cause of this was my smoking habits. The only way to put a halt to this would be to quit. If I did I would get to keep my teeth. That sure helped me to make my decision.

Nice way of putting it. Accepting the pain is important because it is the only way to move on.

Well done. Six weeks into doing the same