my family doc prescribed me WELLBURTRIN for cocaine/crack addiction..and miraculously it worked! Wellbutrin is commonly used as a stop-smoking aid, but for 20% it works for crack cocaine cravings..i am also on 100mgs of Methadone daily.. well i used to sweat profusely, much to my embarrassment.  i attributed it to the methadone and kept going higher and higher with my dosage thinking i was in withdrawal.until the day came when i forgot to take my pills and noticed i didn't sweat needlessly..[yes, it is common to sweat when working hard, running, sex..but not when your just sitting there dong nothing and sweat is pouring down your forehead] ..then, i didn't take my pills all day, but took them at 5pm and within and hour i was sweating my *** off..I am only 40 and have had a child so it isn't  menopause.. i haven't taken one since the 21st of September and i have had no ill effects..i haven't had the urge to use and my moods have been stable..i haven't flipped out and basically, I've been pretty happy...now, if i could just get off the methadone it will be all good

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Hey well done you deserve a pat on the back as it aint easy..come on youv done that so why not pack in meth...dont be a slave to it anymore just take control..all the best and a big (((hugg)))

just my little piece, im on prozac and the sweat poars off me so much so i went up my loft to see what was leaking. I wish you luck and love :-) x

I've been on many kinds of anti-d's, and i wanted to try something that maybe didn't make me so tired, soooo i tried wellbutrin, and for almost 2 weeks it was my wonder drug, i was in a great mood, feeling energetic, and then wouldn't it just figure..........i got an allergic reaction and had to stop.<br />
<br />
oh well..........such is life. So happy it worked for you!

thanks so very much.,...that means a lot to me...hugs

Wellbutrin didn't work for me at all. My doctor gave it to me for my depression. He said it will also help me to quit smoking and help to lose weight. I was on this for 8 months. I was still depressed, I smoked like a chimney, and I didn't lose 1 ounce of weight. I'm glad that it worked out for you though! I know nothing about methadone, but I hope things work out for you.