20 Years Of Meth Use

Meth was graet once 50 dolars woud do two people we would party all night and into the next day.
The fun stopped 18 years ago Ive lost everything got it back lost it again got it back.A lot of effort heartache and $$ has been spent on that merry go round.I found that the more I learnt about my addiction the more excuses I could come up with.My health is poor my meantal state is borderline believe me its better just to crash and burn,get treatment and limit the damage dont become a functioning user beacause the out come will still be the same you either quit or die a scabbed up broken indivudual>i dont care how i stop just has long as i never touch that evil s@I2 again,God help me please this nigtmare is killing me.
newlife2013 newlife2013
41-45, M
Dec 6, 2012