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I can't do it anymore. It's been about six months of working and school seven days a week. I'm tired, my body aches, my brain hates me and I didn't particularly care for their attitudes. They kept cutting my hours back and then decided they need me suddenly so they can take time off... the heck with that. I'll still keep up the babysitting gig and the market research OH and the regular M-F full-time job but the weekend one is history. I really want to have more kid time and I'm trying to fit in just one more class before the semester ends, which would bring me up to 15 credit hours for the term.

They haven't replied yet and although I wanted to slam them it's not my style. I will say that if anything comes back (did it through email) that is mean, negative or hurts I'm gonna lay into them. They might bark but I bite! 

Sorry but they just aren't the nicest of ppl and if I wanna get yelled at I'll call the X. WOW did this go off track. sorry

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I need the $ so no choice if I want to keep the kids fed and us with a roof but I just can't do it anymore. Maybe after a month off I can try again or find something better. The babysitting is only a few hours a week right now but that's an extra $120/mth so it pays for my sons martial arts class. I'm almost finished with one of my loans so that should take off about $125/mth. I hate it but miss my babies and my health sucks! <br />
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Sorry babbling

goood for you

i dont see how youve kept up this long!