Wonder Drug....so Far

Ok I am 23 years old and have smoked for 7-8years. I have tried stopping on numerous occasions with the aid of patches, inhalators, gum. I was really wanting to stop because 2 years ago I was admitted to hospital with acute bronchitis which was not good. Ok I wasn't smoking when in the hospital but as soon as I got out I lit up, just not caring. The influence of friends does not help as probobly about 75% of them smoke. About a month ago I heard of champix and checked forums on the net for some info. I was pretty shocked to here some comments about suiside, black depression , anger ect. I decided to go for it anyway. I still stay at home with the parents so things have been very tense over the past few years. I had really bad mood swings, depression and just not talking to them at times.Maybe i was letting them down by smoking. Five days into champix and I stopped. It is pretty amazing because I am on day 14 and the only time I get cravings are the times when I am drinking alcohol. Side effects are very minimal slight nausia when I take the morning one. The dreams well...ok they are weird but I quite enjoy them to be honest. So I am away to start weeks 3 to 4 and will keep you all posted on how I get on ..remember every smoker wishes they had never started. Just look at them with pity, they need it.
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I agree about the vivid dreams. I enjoy them too.

Keep us posted :)