Day 2 On Champax And A Little Worried

Hi everyone have been a smoker for around 14 years and theis is day 2 of taking champax have tried many other methods cold turkey nicotine patchs twice and also read Allan cares easy way to stop smoking which was my best effort but gave into the craving after about 2months and had that 1 ciggie so I'm feeling confident in giving up ciggies especially cause I have gotten to the point where I get really down hearted cause I smoke I have suffered.from depression and anxiety in my life and very.scared.that I will end up there again with this medication so far I just have the usual side effects of nausea and headaches but nothing a little panadol and food doesn't fix lol giving up ciggies is such a big thing for me I'm a mum of 5 youngest just turned 2 and eldest just turned 14 I want to be around for them will keep everyone posted on how I go with giving up good luck everyone :)
blueangel81 blueangel81
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1 Response Sep 15, 2012

Ok so It's the evening of day 2 today was a little easier than yesterday with side effects had the instant nausea feeling but as soon as I ate I was fine didn't have a constant headache or feel dizzy today hopefully it stays like this feeling more and more excited about quitting so here we go :)