Champix: It Wont Happen Overnight, But It Will Happen

Hey there,

well i guess i best start of with explaining a bi of background. my names chris, i'm 27 and have been smoking since around the age of 15. (12yrs).
It started i guess the same as a lot of people, at a party hanging with mates....peer pressure got the better of me. i used to be a fairly athletic guy. Had the chance to run at the Sydney Olympic stadium, (track and field) and also the Olympic swimming pool. wasn't the greatest and never won a race at that level but made it up there. Ever since i started smoking, its been noticeable over the years how much ciggies have played a role (for good and bad) in my life. its helped with stress and enjoyed with a beer, but at the same time, has made my skin an off colour, my breathing and fitness level shot, and seems to take over my money also. Many times missing dinner, or getting lifts to work cause i cant afford both fuel and ciggies. its amazing how it brings back so many memories just typing this. But anyway, my champix story so far has been not bad, but not fantastic. i decided to start taking it 2days before my 3 week holiday over the Christmas time. quit date was new years day. day 16. But that didn't happen. I still had the urges to have a few. don't get me wrong though, i went from smoking 40 a day to having about 4 a day after the tenth day. But now today, day 20 has been the first day in I seriously cannot remember that i had not one ciggie. And it was really easy. My fiancee smokes and has been around me, but i haven't felt like one, and its been more and more exciting every hr of the day to feel this. I have had side effects though that have kept me awake, made me itch my arms and neck sometimes raw, and have made me more hungry than usual (but that ones not such a bad thing). But I'm going to be strong and get through this this time, even if it means i might have uncomfortable times. its not always, and i know I'm going to be alot healthier, happier, and stronger after this.

thanks for reading, i honestly, i wish you the best of luck.

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its been so good to read your story. I decided a couple of weeks ago to quit smoking. Discussing it with my partner he too decided to give up. I went to the doc to get my script for Champix but he didnt and still hasnt. I am doubting that he wants to give up and was then doubting weather i could give up with him still smoking but your story has shown me that this is possible and not to have so much doubt in myself. Ive cut down from 35 smokes to 10 with a great deal of anxiety thinking this would give me a better chance on Champix, but again i see that this is not really necessary.
I wish you the best of luck on your journey and thank you so very much
(Champix day 2)

How did you go ?