Champix: Update

Well, its had a turn for the worse, i had been smoke free for about two days now, and just tonight, have chucked the champix pack straight in the bin. over the past 4days have had about 6hrs sleep, up all night itching and scratching till red raw, and a bastard to get along with during the day. Although champix has helped extremely with the nicotine addiction, the side effects are just too much, and by the look have an ellergic reaction to the meds unfort :( I had one ciggarette tonight, and it made me still feel sick, and not want anymore, but still have itching all over my arms and neck. if i dont get sleep tonight, its off to the doctors to see what he can do.

Hate being the bearer of bad news, and would love to just hear great stories about this, I guess im not trying to tell people to not take it because everyone has a different effect, all im trying to put out there is be careful, look out for the symptoms, and seek medical advice straight away instead of being like me and leaving it. its not worth the arguement with the mrs and the depressed feeling of not being able to sleep.

i still wish you all goodluck, and i am not giving more smokes, but going to give cold turkey a go tomorrow, and see if i can do it. maybe a bit of gum or something :)

take care people
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1 Response Jan 7, 2013

I smoked for almost 30 years and quit on Champix. I think it's the greatest stop smoking aid ever. But I didn't have an allergic reaction either. Sorry about that buddy. My wife and I started taking it at the same time and we both quit successfully. It's been three years since I've been a regular smoker and I still have no desire for one. Not to say I didn't have the odd day here and there but overall I was free from any desire to have one. It was such a great feeling. Smokes just disgust me now and I don't like to be near it. Wish I would have quit sooner.

yeah thanks for that mate, and great to hear... first day today without the champix, but going to go see the doc, and have some left over chewy so will try that if any cravings come on. Im not giving up, just couldnt handle the side effects. thanks again mate cheers