Now 10 Days "smoke Free"

After 40+ years of smoking **** I decided “It’s Time to Chuck them”

I had used nicotine patches with success in the 90’s and gave up for just over 10 months…but let some stress be used as an excuse to start smoking again.

Secret was Champix tablets.

I researched (including the “horror stories of some side effects) far and wide and when I had to visit my GP earlier this week (Feb 15th 2010)   for other medication I enquired and got a script for Stage 1 and 2 tablets.

Obeying the instructions I set “QUIT DAY” for FEBRUARY 28th 2010”

Day 1 Feb 16th 

Took 1 tab as prescribed,  with coffee and toast at breakfast time.

            No adverse effects…. Kept up my “normal” smoke consumption.

Day 2 Feb 17th

Morning tab with breakfast … noticed the normal “buzz” from first *** of the day was not present to what had been “normal”… and during the day kept smoking but perhaps not as much…and certainly not the same taste as previously.

Day 3 Feb 18th

Last of the1 white tabs at breakfast today.  Smokes still taste like crud with no usual “buzz.”

Cut number of smokes by about 8 today.


Day 4 Feb 19th

Today starts white tablet morning AND with evening meal.  = 1 mg per day

Nothing really different today

 No adverse effects

Day 5 Feb 20th

Weird repetitive dream last night…I was doing wooden flooring on a bridge??

Day 6 Feb 21st

Still on 1x tab morn and night

Smoking less… phoned a relative who had given up smoking using champix over a year ago

who advised: have a couple of puffs and then put out

No “buzz” from smokes

Day 7 Mon Feb 22nd

Smokes starting to taste like real crap.....Minimal " buzz"

Been smoking ½ and total smoke consumption per day going down

Day 8  Tues Feb 23rd 2010

Really Really crappy taste to smokes today...Slight queasy stomach…sandwich fixed in ½ a minute

Still cutting numbers down but now considering making quit day earlier by at least a couple of days.

Day 9 Wednesday Feb 24th 2010

Same crud taste- cut down considerable numbers of ****

Making 25th QUIT DAY-

DAY 10 NEW QUIT DAY Thurs Feb 25 2010

Well with the Champix making smokes taste like crud I decided to start the Quit day today and NOT the 28th

Day 13 Mon Mar 1

(Day 5 no ****)

Weird dreams continue…however woke up before 7 am this morning feeling GOOD- - mouth cleaner-really weird- normally get yelled at to get out of bed at about 8am.

I still have no adverse effects from Champix, and no pangs or wanting to smoke.

Sense of smell has definitely returned over the last 2 days with it being a bit weird.

It is now "Day 25" since I started using Champix.

I have been "smoke free" for 10 days, and have noticed improvement in my sense of smell, my sense of taste, and also my breathing and respiration.

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5 Responses Mar 6, 2010

That sounds great im now on the start of day 9 still smoking about 10 a day but taste BAD howbdo you stop do you just decide on a day and stop help please

It gets easier and the side effects lessen ... after all those years I believe it is well worth a little temporary discomfort. I found no real increase in side effects when on the 2 full strength a day.<br />
<br />
Main hints I felt helpful were... <br />
1. Have the tablets with some "food" even just a glass of milk<br />
2. While you are cutting down to give up on your selected day-when the smokes start tasting really crappy and you realize you are only smoking from habit and not enjoying "the buzz" ...have a few puffs and then cut the smoke with a pair of small scissors.... also this saves $$$$$ as you get 2 smokes from 1 ***.<br />
. I built a new computer from the savings from quitting.... As soon as I had quit I put $10 a day into a tin......even if it meant withdrawing from the bank...because that's what I would have done to buy smokes. It is a visual help as you can see the "cash benefits".<br />
<br />
Reward yourself in this way and it helps.<br />
<br />
Keep going it is well worth it<br />
<br />

Hey,enjoyed reading your journeys on champix. Im on day 7, and down to 6 a day, (was 30 for 30 years) Couldnt believe that it would work but I think it is. Is the side effects greater when you go on full strength twice a day. I was thinking to cut it down. Suffering with sleep, or lack of and also pretty irritable and the DAY goes so SLOW!<br />
Will welcome any comments, My quit date is moved forward to day !0

Waking up with clean mouth, having clean mouth is one of the best things I've noticed. Day 32 after 32 years smoking.<br />
I've also noticed I can smell a smoker a mile away, couldn"t do that before, that's what I must have smelt like..bad

Hi. Started champix 4 weeks ago and quit smoking on day 7.Havent smoked since.Often think about smoking but dont crave it.No real side effects other than I appear to have lost a bit of appetite.Was advised by a chemist friend to reduce dosage in weeks 11 and 12 prior to ending the champix.