You just found out I cheated on you and you are p.issed. When I come home one night you tell me you know and things are going to change or your leaving. You tell me Im not your girlfriend anymore Im your stupid dog! After all whats more loyal than a dog. You put a collar on the table and tell me to make my choice have you leave or be your dog.
Addiex Addiex
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you look at me and I already take out my toys. flogger, cuffs the works...You're gonna beg me for this...

you obey as you are on your knees with the collar around your neck you are pulled over to my feet I am telling you you are going to be punished by a spanking but I will let you pick what type of spanking you will receive

Message me ;)

I can not it will not allow me to

add me to your circle

that might do it

why can I not contact you

I messaged you

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