Barnyard Buddies

I miss having chickens roaming my yard. I used to have a flock of approx. 20 chickens & 4 geese at my place in Washington.  I'd let them out to forage in the morning & secure them in their coop at night. There's something calming about having chickens roaming around the yard, clucking & foraging for bugs, interacting with each other, and adding color to the place. Mine were basically pets, I'd take their eggs (about a dozen per day with rich orange yolks) to work & give them to co-workers & customers for free. It probably sounds ridiculous to the uninitiated, but they had individual personalities just like dogs & cats. I've heard about psycho chickens that attack people, but mine were very tame & docile, eating from my hand & following me about the yard like puppies. When my daughter was 2 she tripped & fell on top of a rooster who was startled and scratched at her in self defense, but she wasn't hurt and there were no other similar incidents before or since. When I relocated I had to give up my flock and fear that eventhough the person who took them said they'd be pets, that they wound up in someone's crock pot. I had a rooster named "Big Boy" who looked identical to the rooster in the pic above. He'd fly up and perch himself on my outstretched arm like a falcon, he was a magnificent bird and a great pet. I'll have chickens again one day, I'm sure of it.

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Thanx littlepurrr!

That rooster is beautiful too!

lol, what a wonderful interesting story, I never had chickens, just rabbits, a large desert tortoise, cats and a dog, but never chickens and always wanted some:)

I have a black sumatra that sneaks in the doggie door and eats dog