Gender Neutral Boys Are Wonderful

As an ardent feminist and believer in gender neutral boys , as a private pediatrician, in a quaint little NJ town, I have started well over 97 boys into a perfect gender neutral state.
With mothers wholehearted approval.
This was and is being carried out for various reasons .
At around age 8 or 9 , the soon to be gender neutral boys are given a blood test and a 6 month Androcur male hormone blocker implant in the inner thigh as a part of a routine checkup, after serious discussions with mom.
2 months with an additional orally administered Androcur render all boys gender neutral inside of 8 weeks.
Then a low dose of estrogen is given every 2 months to help slow & stunt growth.
The results are amazing .
1. almost no interest in sports, as their ultra agressive feelings are squelched.
2. superior students with the ability to concentrate and focus on work.
3. beautiful skin tone & wonderful voices.
4. cuddly slightly feminine behavior .
a MUST for all single mothers
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I so ADORE you!!!!

What wonderful work you are doing! The world will be a better place with more males like that! More loving and careing and gentle, Less selfish, agressive and insensitive to their mates needs! As a single mom I have always tried to direct my son into a more neutral way. It started by me simply not wanting to have to spend money on new baby clothes for him when my daughter's things were still in perfect condition. I still use his sister's outgrown things for him and he seems to like wearing them. Also I always encourage his sister to share her "girls" toys with him and have him play with her and her friends. He has adapted well to this and plays well with them. He actually prefers playing with them rather than the roughneck boys in the neighborhood.<br />
<br />
Please keep up the good work! I hope I can find a doctor for him that can begin the treatments you mentioned<br />
<br />

I would absolutely love to see this. Dr, you must tell me how I can communicate with you regarding my Grandson...................You have made a comment and sent mail to me..........

Dr Lucy, you say there are websites that sell required treatments for feminising. Can you give more information<br />

Dr. Lucy<br />
<br />
Your that two boys dressed as girls? <br />
I personally feel that this would be OK as long as its in the house. How would it work outside and at school.<br />
Although, if you Google "boys in skirts" you will see a ton of sites talking about dresses and skirts for boys and MEN. VERY slowly, this seems to be taking root in our society.<br />
I've already written that what you are doing is super and I agree 100%. Are there any other doctors doing the same? It seems, this could possibly be a good answer for many "boy" problems in our society. Maybe keep them on the drugs till age 18???? Start them at age.......ONE. I'm not a doctor and I'm sure that there would be MANY mothers and fathers against this, so as their children grow up and IF they cause problems the parents pay by whatever it cost. If a boy rapes <br />
a girl, serious consequences for boy and parents.<br />
<br />
Love what you are doing.<br />
<br />
Good luck<br />
Karen (this is my computer name...I am really an older man with a son)

NO, I'm sorry that I'm not asking for assistance. My son is now 40, but about 30 years ago, I sure could have used it.
Thanks for responding

Now I have read your reply, I too understand what you were and are doing and I can say with all honesty I now agree with you 100%. Thank you for explaning what you where doing and how you were going about it. Again Drlucy thank you

I understand where and why you are doing this, all though I personally disagree with you. I believe in a spanking not a beating: I said a spanking. Rule one for spankings is if it is a spanking offence when you are angry it is a spanking offence when you are not angry. One should never spank or punish their child while angry for this is the time most likely of hurting their child. Two you teach your son or boys how to treat the ladies or girls. Teach them you do not love a girl if you have sex before you are married, that is for after you and the young lady are married. <br />
Also what make it hard on parents is, the child protection laws varying from state to state. Not allowing the parents to punish their son and daughters. I do not care how much book learning on child behavior one has had-you still know nothing about raising a child. Having child of one’s own is nothing like what you will read in any book. I have raised three two boys and a girl of my own and I have yet to fine a child care worker one who has never raised a child of their own to know anything concerning the rearing of a child.

Bill, I imagine you have and then some. Just like you find one bad colored man does not make the rest bad. Just the same with parents that spank their children one bad parent does not make the rest of us bad. Bad things are going to happen to good people, no I don’t like it yet as long as man is running this earth it is going to continue to happen. I agree beating a child bloody the parent should be jailed yet I also believe in the Death penalty for murder and Rape. Why should you the tax payer pay to keep him or her alive and their college education? It cost the tax payer 52 million dollars just to keep one person alive from 17 to 70 years of age. This is not counting schooling and anything else he or she wants. If we would convert all the life sentences to Death this country would save well over 2 billion dollars in taxes in one year. This would lower the fed. By better than 60% this would make jobs and money to buy and sell School taxes would be cut by half or better and the benefits go on and on.