I Am Leaving Home...

I decided to leave home, everyone amd just live with my best friend.. My parents finally gave me a reason. Im tired of being called names and getting beat all the time. I gave up everything for them, and they call me selfish if i want to see a friend, my mother never wants me to hangout with anyone. She calls me rebelious which i am, because she cant understand how much i hate myself i made so many mistakes and she always throws it in my face when i dont clean or if im sleeping to much. I recently lost my daughter at 24weeks and they didnt even care that i lost my baby, they thought it would make everything better and they tried sending me to juvy amd a mental hospital because im tooo much to handle when in fact i dont do amything wrong, i help and help and help and nothing is ever good enough. In a few days i will be in a different city and with someone who will take care of me, i will finish school, i will be 16 in a few months and i know how to survive but no one thinks i can do it, only people that know what i go through think i can do it. I am just tired i am at the point that i want to give up my life...but i rather leave than die.
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3 Responses May 25, 2012

sme here luv while my mum is buzii shoutiing aht me..I'm buzzi dreaminn bowt ' I'm gonna give my daughterr the bestt life eva' o cnt wait till sumfin gud happens in my lifee I need some help aniiwu pleaze. :'(

Where are you from? I'm 25/M/California...I'm looking to get into a group pack...

if i was in your situation i would the same thing. i just want to say be safe :)