I Ran Away

i ran away about 20 minutes ago, i just packed my bags and left. My mom had just got done yelling at me for something she thought she heard me say. Well i was sick of it. Always getting yelled at, always having enormous amounts of responsibility on my shoulders, more then all the kids in my house. And im the middle child. I do not know where im going to go. I will find an abandoned place or something. Maybe i will go to school. I forgot to bring money with me so i have to go to school to eat. I really wish i could go back, but theirs a part of me that says, no. You can do this. Show them your going to win. But the other part of me says, go back, you know you love your family. I know they love me. But this is just something that i have to do. From reading this, you might not think my life is bad, but do not judge a book by its cover. I think i have depression, i always get the feeling to kill my self...I do not know what to do. My name is Daniel Sinkler, i am 15, and i have run away from home.
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go back, I am a middle child too and I stole my dad's car... if only I had gone back...

Go back
you dont want to look back on this decision and think,"That was the worst decision I ever made." Your mom obviously didn't want you saying those things. You didn't have to over react and run away. For goodnass SAKES your mom wouldn't say that if she didn't love you. I could understand if your mother abused you or she didn't love you. All teens get mad or angry when their parents tell them something they don't wanna hear. Your mother will always try to correct you, so what's the point? Running away doesnt solve any of your problems. And don't kill yourself over something like that. It was obv just a misunderstanding. This is life and you are blessed with a family who loves you. If your mom didn't care of love you she would let you do whatever you wanted. And you would prob end up in jail. If you killed yourself where would you go??? Suicide is a sin and you can go to hell for it.