I Got Mad

when i was around eleven or tweleve i got extremly mad at my dad . I don't remeber y but i remeber wanting to make him feel bad 4 what he did to me so i decided to run away. I packed my bags and snuck out. i was doing pretty good and everything until i heard someone calling my name, i ran into the woods and hid behind the trees but my sister found me anyway. I was so mad at her. i begged her not to tell but she did. My mom asked what i was thnking and i told her i wanted dad to feel bad for what he did to me. she told me it was wrong what i did and that i worried everyone. she told me to go to my room and like ten minutes later she came in with the hairbrush. my mom usually nvr spanks me bare but this time she told me to drop both my pants & underwear. she gave me thirty with her hand and then twenty with the hairbrush. I was cryin by the end and told her i was so sorry. I ran away a few more times after that.
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1 Response Jan 20, 2013

Did you get spanked every time you ran away? How old were you the last time you ran away?