I Ran Away For 12 Hours.

 I went to this bar with my friend, and obviously we got drunk and all the rest of it, but when my mum called, she found out i was drunk and she somehow found out where i was, so she called the police and they came to get me. Now when i got home, my mother was drunk and we had an argument which basically ended up with her telling me to get out the house and me being drunk and stupid, i did and ran off. 

I ran into the Fields opposite my house and i kept running and running, i lost my phone too so i couldn't get any help. After a few miles of running, i found a river and decided to try and drink but being drunk i fell in and was to exhausted to get out, so i lay in there against the bank for a good while before i realized that my breathing was becoming very heavy and difficult and that i could hardly feel any part of my body. Very slowly i used what little energy i had left and managed to somehow get out and then collapsed on the grass for a while and rested. 

When i managed to gain some energy to stand i did so and i walked over a few more fields and towards a house light. When i arrived at the house light, i recognized the area and realized that the friend who i went to the party with lived about 10 miles away so i started to make my way over to her house.

I did manage to find her house, and when i got there, the car wasn't there so i just sat on the wall outside and thought I'd wait until my friend either came out of the house or returned with someone in that car.

After a bit, the car did come back, but it was only her mum that was in it. She told me how glad she was that i was safe, but my friend was also missing, which got me in an even more panicky state. She took me inside and phoned the police, telling me that one girl had been found.

I got home and my mum told me how sorry she was and how glad she was that i was safe, but all i could think about was my friend, i didn't care about anything else. So i stayed up for the rest of the day ringing her from my mums phone getting more and more worried every time she didn't answer. 

Eventually she did answer and said she stayed with the guy she liked that night and that she was okay, it was just she didn't hear her phone.
That relieved me a lot. 

When i ran away, and was in the middle of nowhere, with nothing on my feet and hardly any clothing for protection, i just felt so scared and venerable, but at the same time i felt independent and free, and i think if i didn't decide to go to my friends house then i would still be running around the country side somewhere, well either that or dead, because i swear to go when i was lying in that river i thought i was going to die, It was both scary and welcoming at the same time, but now, it just feels scary and i feel lucky to still be here.


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You have a trend of making good life decisions. Please continue, without the expectation of dying a horrible death or suffering a horrible injury.