A Few Times Actually.

after my mom died, and problems with my dad got worse, i decided one day to run away. I was 15 yrs old and did some really stupid things that night, and when i look back on it i'm a little disapointed in myself.

The second time was a year later, so i was 16 yrs old. i just remember not being able to deal with how i was being treated. I even left a note for him, and that just made things worse when i had no other options but to go back home.

When i was 17, i ran away again, moved in with these 2 pastors and only lived with them for about a month and a half before they sent me to a teenage mental institution program called the GAD unit. i was there for 5 days and signed myself out of the program. Then, i got kicked out of their house.

Which left me no other choice to move back in with my father. That lasted about 3  months before he pushed me too far for the last time, and i left again.

LittleFerrett LittleFerrett
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I have been living with friends for awhile I just can't seem to live with my father, his drinking and fighting with me was just too much to handle.

You are not by yourself..but you have to down to what is keeping you away from your home. What are you looking for...it might be right inside you...self Love??? Hugs, Lw