From Home... To Home... Oddly Enough.

I ran away from home with my husband because I wanted to see the world & he said it'd make our shaky early marriage better.

So then I was trapped in a foreign country with an abusive husband and a baby to raise nearly by myself, and I ran away again (a little over a week ago)... this time, I ran back to the home I'd left nearly 6 years earlier when I first got married. My parents have taken me and my son in with arms wide open, and I have understood their love over the past few days better than I ever had in my whole life. I'm truly sorry I ever hurt them the way I did by leaving.

I've been told that his is our home for as long as we want to live here, and I'm hoping I never have to run again.

ViolaPercy ViolaPercy
26-30, F
1 Response Feb 18, 2010

You are so lucky to have such supporting parents.
It is so good to have a supportive loving family. A real pity that your husband did not have self control.