Well Drove

I was only 17 and it was the weekend my family decided to go on the very first cruise and leave me behind. I was home alone and pissed off so I made some really stupid choices. I spent a few days doing the party thing with the guy I'd just met and his friends. I found myself in a situation that was nothing but trouble... me and them and they were all doing coke. I didn't join in but from there I drove myself and all of us to the liquor store where they bought a bottle. I was young and not a drinker and when they said "Iced Tea" I went for it. Before I knew it there was no feeling left in me and I didn't care. We were driving and I took a turn way WAY too fast and almost hit a cop on the corner who was issuing a ticket.

In a panic the guys all said go so I did. And when they said turn, I did that too. I found myself in a dark, wooded area behind a church with the three of them when the cops pulled up. Not just a single car but about a dozen of them. The officer asked me to step out and I did and walked to his car. From there he ran my info and we chatted and I told him flat out that I really didn't know them nor did I know where we were. From there he questioned them and took everyones ID. He mentioned the small of alcohol and said he hoped it was the oldest who had been drinking and also added that he felt their intentions with me weren't the best.

We were released and he followed me part of the way to drop them off. I was lucky in many ways that night and from there I grew up pretty fast. Not a story I think I've shared with more than my best friend but maybe someone will learn something from it.

mysplitpersonality mysplitpersonality
36-40, F
Mar 22, 2009