it was funny

I was in first grade. My friend and I used to play that game when we walked home after school. Every time a big car would drive and it's shadow would be on the sidewalk the we would run and try to step on it. So one time I was running and trying to get it and I didn't see where I was running, it was my highest speed and in that speed I ran into the Traffic light pole. I banged my head and flew about 5 feel backwards and landed on my backpack. I looked up on the sky and wondered "what happened?" my friend had just came around the corner so it's too bad she didn't see it. But she was shocked when she saw my lying there. We couldn't stop laughing on the whole way home. That happened about 13 years ago but I still remember and I still laugh about it. I was so stupid when I was young. I bet I got brain damage from that bang lol
GrueneRose GrueneRose
Jun 12, 2007