My colleagues must be so sick of me now.  All the time, I will just break into a song, it's a symptom of our manager making us turn the radio off at work.  I can't work in silence so its usually me who provides the music. Sometimes I'm joined by someone for backing vocals, but often its a solo performance.  If they're really lucky, they get dancing as well. LOL
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3 Responses Jul 26, 2010

I'm much worse when the radio is actually on, and i'm usually louder :)

They have a radio where I work but I sing along its just fun to.

that's cool (^_^). Im also like that in our office. Well all the girls are into singing, but its only me who likes to back it up w/ a dance, esp. when its Santana or Shakira, whatever hahah. I do it sometimes to tease or to awaken us, you know, we also have dull moments in the office.