I Sing My Words Sometimes. Like Im In A Musical

I seem to not even notice it half the time. except when i try to impersonate elton john and cher and the old guy that sings "im dreaming of a white christmas". "if i could turn back time" by cher really gets me going on an ongoing spree that almost annoys me myself. most the time i just end up making a song about whats going on at the moment or to break tension when someone gets mad at me
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2 Responses Aug 7, 2010

i love being weird. i think i am so comfortable with myself i dont need anyone to agree with anything about me. i totally will stick to what i prefer when the world is against me

hahaha where have u been all my life man?<br />
I do it all the time-- if I do it at home no one says anything but then I'll burst into some strange song that no one's heard of at school and my friends look at me and go 'What?' "nothing" "what the hell?" "What??" "you were singing something weird" "no I wasn't" "you're so weird."