La La Lalalala Doo .....

I can be in food shopping and before I even realize what Im doing Im singing a song, like this monday when i was food shopping at walmart i started singing "savin me" by nickelback, i dont have a really pretty singing voice but its not horrible either, i just love to sing its kinda liberating and relaxing....

inquisitiveme inquisitiveme
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2 Responses Mar 3, 2009

yeah i love to see musicians in the streets! they put a smile on my face!

oh yeah sometimes, i get looks lol, but usually im like a well, if singing to my self keeps me in good spirits, then by golly im going to sing, its not hurting nobody(hopefully lol) and its not like i tell myself "why dont u start singing so people can look at you" most the times i dont realize im singing after ive been doing it for awhile.