In Shops Are The Best

I am notorious for dancing randomly in shops and have left Sam standing there humiliated by it on more than one occasion. Even though Sam isn't into it though, doesn't mean my friends aren't.

There was one time in particular. Two of my friends had dragged me into Ann Summers to look at the lingerie and as we were nosing around, the overhead music came on. It was Beyonce's 'Single Ladies' and even though my mates and I are usually into metal, we love this song. Firstly, I start dancing, then one friends and then we're all doing it in the middle of Ann Summers. Obviously it wasn't quite as refined as the dance moves in the video, but we were really getting into it.

Too much, it seemed.

Suddenly my friend takes centre stage as Beyonce and grabs the nearest vibrator he can (yes, a dude) and starts using it as a pretend microphone! By this point, quite a few people were watching us and we were literally falling over laughing! Dancing like drunk monkeys and my friend screaming into this vibrator microphone! We eventually got asked to leave the shop by the manager, but I'm pretty sure I saw the staff recording us on their phones.

So obviously, it wasn't that bad a performance.
Meeoko Meeoko
18-21, F
May 21, 2012