A Autism Boy

My nephew is autistic we think , he was that way since about 18 months old , now he is about 15 growing into a man, unfortunately He is having some aggression problem , Hes been  hitting kicking swearing at people primary is parents and siblings, They had him in the hospital and gave him Depakote and RISPERDAL to take the kid looks awful. he needs a change on meds or more tests the doctors took a test and said his hormones did show a unbalance, He also gets bad head aches, he has never had a MRI or a cat scan either, which I think he should have too. somehow it is all falling on deaf ears its like there in a cloud or something,

He is sneaking out of the house breaking windows, jumping out of the car also, I do know his father is a bit rough with him in the past he had hit him , and also the father has a bad temper throwing things, yelling screaming, his mother babies him to no end and fights with pop , they have allot of people living there also not helping , I tell you you cant go into that house and visit for 5 minutes and you  have to get out... I have talked to both till I am blue in the face the parents are not with it, there at odds and the father wont get any kind of help at all.what a big mess, they need to tell the doctor this stuff, I am worried in case he has a tumor on hid Pituitary gland he has some big facial features and a big bone in his chest also. guess I'm just bitching right know I'm still thinking on what I can do I figure everyne is stressed out like crazy but it wont stop

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1 Response Jul 5, 2007

It's so hard to get things right w/ meds. I believe my son to be autistic as well but he's only three and getting the diagnosis has been a challenge. Maybe you can talk to them and ask them to try other options? I'm sure you have though... it's never easy to accept what you know you can change.