Ok Im Ranting

well here it is I fell like a sap a push over you name it. why does a person befriend you to get what they want then as soon as they do they dump you quicker then a hot potato. well its my side of the family.just us . I have tried to write about it before but I think it scares people away or they think I'm nuts, I am not nuts. my son the one i never worried about really got him self a real fruit cake is all I can say, she lies puts digs in things that are not true at all, before they were married she would say some real wild stuff about her family then it was our turn. she rants and screams breaks doors windows, had put bruises on him, a cat came up dead I was worried a bit looked like it was stomped. I think she is psychotic, I have never met anyone like her my kids and other realitves knew before they were married. my son looks exhausted he just says to me I have the kids. oh boy what a bad situation
GrannyGumps GrannyGumps
51-55, F
Jul 25, 2007