Being Single In the Nt

I was at a course on the weekend and the most interesting thing that I learnt was that the current male:female ration in the NT is 3:1.

This got me thinking so lets do some maths.

Lets take a sample of 100 people and put them in a room, given the ratio above we have 75 men and 25 women, for arguments sake lets assume that all these people are in my (or your) age group.

Now of those 25 it would be fair to guestimate that AT LEAST half of them are either married or in serious relationships, but to be fair lets say 12 of them are taken.

We now have 13 single females, but those 12 taken girls must have matching male partners (unless of course they are lesbian which makes the ratio's even worse) so we now have 63 single men (some of who may be gay which would make the ratio better but if we aren't counting lesbians its not fair to count gays).

So we have 63 men and 13 women.

Now, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it is fair to assume that a person will not find ALL members of the opposite sex attractive, it is also fair to assume that the 12 taken girls are attractive in the eyes of their partners.

So lets assume for argument sake that 3 (just 12%) of the girls in the room are unattractive to another person (me) and lets also assume that these girls are part of the single scene. So we now have 10 single girls who aren't physically unattractive……..

Now in any group of girls there are a couple of very undesirable traits when seeking a potential girlfriend. The first one is a girl who is a bit "loose", the last thing you want when you introduce your new girlfriend to your mates is for half of them to have had intimate experience with her, you also don’t want a girl who is likely to cheat on you, so we have to write off the "loose" girls (from here on out called ******). Now ****** are inherently single, granted most nights they may have a man in their bed but they generally do not have long term partners. Now determining the percentage of ****** out there is pretty hard, but I think I am being fairly conservative when I say that within my age group at least 20% are ****** - which means five out of sample group.

We still have 63 men but we now have only 5 women.

Now of the five women in our sample group who are single, are not physically unattractive, are not ****** we have another group of undesirables. These are the girls who are so far stuck up themselves that they aren't worth the time of day. The are self centred, high maintenance and never make good partners.

Again it is hard to pick a percentage, but lets just go for the 16% (again pretty conservative I think), which takes out another 4 girls and leaves us with 1.

We now have 1 girl in the room who isn't stuck up, isn't skanky, isn't ugly and is single.

Now to be fair we should probably apply the same restrictions to the guys.

Of the 63 guys 7.5 are ugly (12%), 12.5 are skanky (20%) and 11 are up themselves (16%).

This leaves us with 32 guys and 1 girl in the room who aren't skanky or ugly or stuckup and are single.



Now, as I said beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the other personality traits mentioned are discerned differently by different people, so I may have already been knocked out in this girls eyes for being ugly, skanky or up myself.

For arguments sake though I have made it though. I now have to beat 31 other guys who aren't ugly, skanky or stuckup to gain this girls attention (no mean feat).

Let say that I have actually got the attention of the one girl in the room after beating of 62 other men (31 of whom were actual competition but the other 31 are still there) whats to say that just because she is single and isn't stuckup, skanky or ugly that we actually find a connection - or that she meets other crucial prerequisites (like that she enjoys the outdoors)

Whats a guy to do…..

This has been my rant, if you enjoyed it, can sympathise with it, have the same problems yourself or for whatever reason - feel free to pass it on

Oh and if you know any hot, non-skanky, non-stuckup, single girls who like the outdoors then give me the heads up, but don’t tell the other 31 bastards
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dude, you have way too much time on your hands. Either you would like to screw a gal, or you wouldn't. that being said, either she will screw you, or she won't.<br />
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seems elementary, right, but the simple truth of single life is that it works in exactly this fashion. If you want to start discussing "true love"...I'd find that argument to be a lot more fun, because I both have my own ideas...and at the same time think that they are bogus.<br />
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getting laid is always easy, it's some fancy algorithm involving truth, bullshit, sex appeal, and sexual experience. Like anything else....this is America, if you desire to ****, your only enemy is you.<br />
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Please respond so I can argue this point a little more.<br />
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all good things to ya