Will I Ever Be Able To Completely Trust Another?

I don't know if this is a question or a statement.. I often feel the need to tell someone things that bother me, but what I say is actually nothing. Like I can't seem to completly bare myself, for fear I wouldn't be interesting for them anymore, they'd leave me for being too weird or just ignore me completely. The third one is the worst. I just told you my scariest, deepest darkest secret and you can't even say anything? Don't think of it as I will be fine, I am going trough a tough time and it's just a fase. I think I may not be fine, that's why I am telling you this. It has become unberable and have nobody to talk to. I said this for a reason, to talk about it. Please just don't ignore me.

And for that reason I will always stay quiet, will not ever tell anything more than 'the weather is nice' or 'I am fine'
Because nobody really wants to be with the person he can't help.
Ankhou Ankhou
Dec 14, 2012