Can I Have Some of the Post-its?

So we're going through the office and throwing away what needs to be thrown away, filing what needs to be filing, storing what is going to be stored at another facility. I've chipped all my nails while taking down posters, filing papers, picking up boxes, throwing away lobby magazines. My ponytail holder has snapped because of my big *** curly hair. I'm supposed to be going through the supply cabinet right now with coworker but she's all excited about getting new pens, staples, binder clips, paper clips, highlighters, notepads, envelopes. She keeps asking "hey you think KV would mind if I take this?" or "ohhhh look how cute these flower post-its are, I didn't konw these were in here." Who gives a **** about the tulip shaped post-its! Our boss said we can go through and take whatever we'd like so she's on a huge shopping spree. I'm taking some things as well but I'm not finding as much fun. It makes me sad for KV, our boss. He's owned this business for 33 years and one can tell he's quite saddened about seeing it close. I'm bouncing around topics, this is not a very organized story. :)

I guess point hair's in my eyes, I have 3 pretty nails left and if I hear anything else about those damn flower post-its I'm knocking her upside the head.

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7 Responses Feb 17, 2009

I will! :P<br />
<br />
Hello! :)

Kick her ! Hi sweety

haha if I do I will get vid :P

I think I can safely speak for much of EP when I say we want video of you knocking her upside the head-lol

haha I should have stratos...I should have.

Romeo...great idea!<br />
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ha thanks Kry, it does help to ***** and moan a bit :)

haha not a bad idea Romeo...I'm thinking I'll make a few rubber band balls, attach a paper clip and I can send them flying @ her.<br />
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