A Rant About Ranting....or....

What I do 90% of the time here at EXP, is rant, or speak my mind about whatever it is, though most of the time it's either in the form of a rant, or a long technical document on what I think about this or that subject, depending upon my mood and mindset at the time.

Why do I rant here? It's Anonymous, I had to hide my identity on here because, well, I don't want anyone figuring out who I am (even though I'm sure someone could find me out if they tried hard enough, like with an I.P. Address logger or something). I tried LiveJournal, that pretty much ended in a ball of fire, and melted a few planets. I tried Myspace, while it had good results, nobody reads that anymore, it's sort of like expecting high falutin Kimber fans to visit your gun store in the middle of the Ghetto, and use the range along side the local future inmates (not yours, inmates to each other ya' know). Oh, and then there was youtube....BAH HUMBUG. Rant on youtube, you'll have the 15 year old self esteem lynch mob knocking on your door with a cross to burn you on in no-time.

Now people ask me why I rant? C'mon man, poedmusician! Life is great, abundant *****, everything is mostly free, we have a great president in office who promises hope and change (and gun control and socialist health care reform...sigh), just dumb the politics, the high standards, and have a good time. Take a toke, put a spoon up your nose, drink till you can't see, and be merry dadgummit!

Unfortunately, that whole reason above is why I rant. There's no standard anymore, and I have so many lovely and beautiful sentiments to share about my "outsider" perspective on apathy, and believe that if the car is falling apart in the middle of the interstate that "hey man, don't worry about it, your butt may feel like it's on fire scraping on the pavement at 60 mph, but take these Quaalude and loose yourself in the Jerry Garcia and you won't feel a ******* thing"...GAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

But it's not all ****, vinegar, but rather, praise. I have lots of interests outside the usual negative warzones of politics, relationships, friendships, debauchery, and fighting for my own personal lifestyle choices that are not offered on the mainstream or "anti-mainstream" menu but rather formulated by my own Christianity derived value system paired with my common sense. Go look at the list, I'm you'd find having 225 groups has given me plenty of fodder for rant and rave material.

I need another outlet, music is just not enough for me. So that's why I'm here, and that's why I rant. There's something soothing about going on long, sometimes humorous, and often very angry diatribes about things that **** me off somewhere where a little social discourse can happen, because it seems elsewhere, all the ******** come out of the woodwork, and tend to...rather than speak intelligently, want to fight in a barriage of profanity, probably out of the insecurity of their own view.
DarkParade83 DarkParade83
Feb 13, 2010