So Streested

take acouple more photos of me while am still alive am having nightmares like am being cuting up by akinfe don't stare just take care of ur busniess and end this no time to talk am done with making jokes time for some reality are u feeling me am so streested i wanna feel pleased hadn't had this feeling for years my life is changing it's gears moving to anther carrer no time to wast i see the dead end is near would the devil spar my life for me or he would take me to anther place will i will see his true face give me my space am chocking i feel like deing and people are still mocking am left behind with my dead body without no soul no more talk to be said am fed up with everything blink blink my eyes can't see i left this world am in anew place where u can't follow me

copticrevolutionary copticrevolutionary
22-25, M
May 17, 2010