Coming From Where I'm From

I remember I didn't even like rap when I was in Middle School, 
Didn't even like it until 8th grade; after that I fell hard into it. 
It was different though I wanted real music, I liked hearing artists deliver thoughtful lyrics and impressive wordplay. I remember the first taste of good rap I fell into was Lupe Fiasco, when I  heard his song Kick Push I was like whoa. 
From then on it just kept going. At the beginning of my Sophomore year we had to write a poem from English class. I started writing my poem and it ended up turning into a rap. I had always said little two word rhymes to myself in my head but nothing tangible; this was different. I found myself drawn to writing the poem, it was so easy; I wanted more. After that day I just kept writing. In the beginning it was so raw but I just kept writing every day to express myself. I now write all the time and it gives me an outlet for creative expression and lets me distinguish myself. I'm not cocky though, it is only my hobby. I'm not trying to be like the people you see on the web trying to be the next big amateur rapper. I just use rap as the music through which I live my life 

Here is the first successful song I preformed over 50 cent's song Best Friend ( this girls favorite song) I did it for this girl in front of my whole class to ask her to come to the Homecoming dance with me and be my girlfriend. Turns out girls like having songs wrote about them, I'm just thankful everyone thought it was good.

doctor ,doctor, operate
cuz I have this case, of going insane
there is something in my brain I cannot contain
I have thought for days, and there’s no other way
Ima use my game to explain the truth
dishing out proof in this makeshift both
Ima let loose cuz class is in session
in walks the professor, so here’s the lesson
I’m digressing, but here's the method
thought about this best friend for multiple seconds
Ima express this, watch me get reckless
do it on a track that 50 cent bested
cuz I gotta say, with your complexion
Ya got me stressin’, and feelin’ reckless
had to admit it, so I spit this lyric
cuz I got the something and ya got to hear it
this is not frontin’ cuz I see the clearest
I be the realest in the form of teen spirit
and u be the dime I never thought I’d find
in a ray of sunshine that could leave me blind
cuz body and mind u got it all combined
I’m talkin’ pork rinds with heat on the side
ya got that extra kick, cuz ya that special chick
 Not just sort of fine, let me describe
cuz I remember, the day we met
and I did the two step to the nearest desk
wanted to confess that ya looked so fresh
but ya had a friend so I couldn’t mess
I aint tryin to be different, I want ya to feel it
cuz u got me spinnin, and I got these rhythms
there be a lot of women, but non compare
you be the female extraordinaire
the way u prepared, close and hair
the breath of fresh air, I can’t get down there
see I miss Georgia, but you’re a scorcher
guess I like em hot, I’m attracted toward ya
comment ca va, aujourd hui
parce que, tu es le tre bonne fille
had to let ya know, on the microphone
and if I don’t go then I might explode
SoSwSh SoSwSh
18-21, M
1 Response Nov 27, 2011

haha well thank you :) I don't know if I'm that good yet

well with an argument like that you make it hard to say otherwise lol