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How a Woman Can Live Out a Rape Fantasy Safely, Legally, and For Real

Contrary to what you see in movies or on TV, rape is usually not violent or physically harmful, nor is it perpetrated by men who need to express power or dominance, as the psychobabble people insist. The vast majority of rapes are committed for one purpose - an ******. Hollywood would never make a movie about what most rapist are like because that would make for a rather boring story. The Hollywood version is an evil man who overpowers otherwise strong women and forces himself on her with weaponry while muffling her high volume screams, then beats her up or even kills her. Although a small number of men include violence as part of the excitement, far most rapes are quick, opportunistic encounters that are much less physically demanding, and have far less impact on a woman’s body then normal consenting sex. In fact, in some cases the physical impact is so low that the female may not even be aware that her body has been used.


Such is the case with the most common form of sexual exploitation of children – opportunistic ******. The current estimate is that one out of every four girls under the age of 12 are victims of opportunistic ******, many of whom are either unsure or even unaware that an episode of sexual exploitation took place. The grandfather who sits the little girl on his lap and **** in his pants is more common than families want to think about. Or the uncle who feels up his little niece under the guise of a “tickle fit”. Most ****** is so benign that it goes unnoticed even to the girl. Yet it happens every day, everywhere, and it is genuine rape. There is no other word for it, and it is the most common form of rape.


Most stranger rape is also subtle and benign. The most common form of stranger rape is manifested as “prolonged frotteurism”. Frotteurism is a paraphilia in which a person (usually male) is sexually aroused by the uninvited touching of a victim (usually female). Frotteurism is usually perpetrated in a clandestine manner with the victim remaining unaware of the assault. It is most arousing for the attacker when the touching is on naked skin and involves a sexually enticing body part, such as a breast or buttock. Of course, groping a breast or butt while keeping the victim unaware is near to impossible, so the frotteurist usually goes after thighs. Thigh skin is also quite sexually arousing, and is commonly exposed during summer months. Frotteurists go on “binges” where they will spend hours walking past bare legged women in short skirts and “accidently” brush a hand against her thigh, or ride crowded subway cars and busses where such “inadvertent” touching can be disregarded as unavoidable. The binge usually ends when the frotteurist is so highly aroused that ************ becomes more appealing than continuing the binge.


In the most prolific cases men use frotteurism as their only source of sexual release. Such men usually condition themselves to become preorgasmic just from the arousal of frotteurism. In this state ****** can be induced by merely pressing his erection against his hand or a soft object. Many of these men will use a woman’s body as the “soft object” through which the finale is delivered. A typical frotteurism binge for this type of male involves 10-20 “feels”, then he actively searches for a suitable situation where he can press himself against a woman (preferably one exposing skin) without her noticing anything “unusual”. For example, he will ride a crowded bus, find a woman standing in the crowd with exposed legs, press up behind her, and press his erection (in his pants) against her backside while touching her thigh with a finger. Because the bus is packed tight, the victim doesn’t find anything usual about the pressure at her back, and doesn’t pay any attention to the finger on her thigh. At this point the perpetrator is already preorgasmic and climaxes in about 30 seconds. This is rape by “prolonged frotteurism”, and the victim is rarely aware that it ever happened.


Frotteurists will always take the opportunity for penetrative rape should such an opportunity arise. Some frotteurists graduate to this level by searching the streets after bar time looking for highly intoxicated females. A woman so drunk or stoned that she passes out in an alleyway is very rare, but it does happen on occasion, and these men are so addicted to these opportunities that they comb the streets night after night hoping for that off-chance. Such a lifestyle requires the perpetrator to invest the majority of his life in pursuit of an opportunity that knocks once or twice a year.


Interestingly, there is a surprisingly large subculture of women with a so-called “rape fantasy”. Such women possess a paraphilia in which they become highly aroused at the notion of being touched, fondled, or even penetrated without consent. I put “rape” in quotes above because the fantasy does not generally involve force and is not perpetrated against the female’s will. Such women find being frotteurized sexually stimulating. In fact, some women with a rape fantasy will deliberately put themselves in situations where they become the “victim” of frotteurism. I know this because I’m one of them. Participating in their own frotteurism is particularly appealing because it is safe and totally anonymous. Frotteurism is almost always done in public, frequently in dense crowds, eliminating any danger of harm or overt rape. Moreover, the female is in complete control. She knows if the “attacker” does anything more than she wants, she need only “become aware” of the frotteurism and he will run for the hills. The result is a very titillating form of mutual stalking. Most women who participate in this activity would indeed allow themselves to be penetrated by the attacker if they knew it was safe and legal. However, social norms and the danger of harm keep the rape fantasy at the level of opportunistic groping.


Recently, however, there has appeared a new venue for acting on a rape fantasy for women, while all but guaranteeing frotteurists the ultimate of sexual opportunity. The so-called “blackout hunt” is a sex party like no other. These events take place in large lightless warehouses that have been structured with lots of nooks and crannies, hiding places for “attackers”. A small number of women (5-6) and a large number of men (30-40) are released naked in the pitch black maze, and the men literally hunt the women down. The sex that ensues is quick, ferocious, and extremely intense, especially for the females. To assure the important “safe” mindset for the women, each participant is told that the if the word “stop” is uttered by a woman all activity everywhere in the room must stop immediately. And if the word “help” is said, the lights come on and the bouncers spring into action. I’ve participated in about a dozen blackout hunts and I never heard either word ever uttered.


Men who have a frotteurism paraphilia will find this venue to be exceedingly arousing, and some will ********* before even having a chance to penetrate a female. Women with a rape fantasy will likely enjoy one continuous ******. Obviously blackout hunts are not for everyone. At the very least, all sex is bareback, as it is virtually impossible to enforce a “condom” rule in total darkness, especially when each woman is mobbed by 10-12 males. Blackout hunts are short events, typically lasting less than an hour. By that time all the men have ********** at least once, and the women are totally exhausted physically and emotionally. Another factor many men find uncomfortable is the enormous volume of ***** that is deposited literally everywhere. A typical vagina can hold about 15 mL of *****, but a woman will typically take about 20 cumshots vaginally during that hour. That calculates to 100 mL, or about ½ cup. Thus, almost a ½ cup of ***** backflows from each woman and gets all over her and all over the cots and couches. If there are 6 women, that calculates to 600 mL of *****, or roughly ½ liter!


As a sidenote – blackout hunts are illegal in many states. To my knowledge they are held legally in New Jersey, New York, and frequently held by a sex club in Toronto.


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I want to do this in east tn, maybe set it up even does anyone know the laws around there that would land me in trouble or is there anything like that in east tn area that you know of. If so inbox me a message.... Very interested.

very interesting! id live a blackout hunt!

"some women with a rape fantasy will deliberately put themselves in situations where they become the “victim” of frotteurism. I know this because I’m one of them."
omg i dint know any1 else did that! it even has a name lol...maybe im not as crazy as i thot =D

anyone know of these around Kansas City??

Has anyone ever heard about this type of activity for bi men?

Avabrown - If you do come to Toronto, please drop me an email and I'll take you to there.

never heard of blackouts before. interesting article. you could enforce a test for STDs before entering the maze for health reasons.

Galanga, could you put me in your circle? I'd like to send you a message regarding blackout hunts.

Interesting reading. Thank you.

I love your stories - informative and so very horny at the same time

Wow, never knew about this blackout party concept. I like the sound of this though.. a lot.

Here is another story about 'blackout hunt' parties.<br /> <br />
We are married and live in Los Angeles -- would love to find this type of party in southern California.

Please post with how to find these blackout parties

I only know where the blackout parties are in my area. In Canada (where I live) blackout parties are legal because of the "implied consent" concept in our sex laws. But in the US and most other countries, explicit consent is required for sex. So in the dark, an anonymous unsolicited penetration (the usual act at a blackout hunt) is illegal. So these parties are never advertised. You have to know the people who know the people, etc. But here in Toronto they are advertised, although not openly. It still operates on the fringe of what the law permits.

Thank you for the share! I had no idea about these.

sounds very others not keen on the bareback but the thought of anonymous sex gets me turned on...i am very aroused after reading this...any women near philadelphia want to act out our own safer hunt ;p

Wow those clubs sound amazingly fun. Bit concerned about the bareback aspect but it's also a turn on. would I go through with it... not sure. But certainly had made me very wet reading about it.

There are no proven causes of this Frotteurism. However, most researchers believe that frotteurism might be a mental syndrome or addiction caused by intentionally repeating the rubbing act frequently.<br /><br />

If anyone has a lead on the name of the clubs in Toronto, NY or others, please post here or email me. Thanks in advance.....!

Gloryholes are big fun for women too. You're right about the logistics, but a little creativity goes a long way. It's best to have a chair (or partner) to hold onto because the only convenient posture is bent forward with your backside pressed against the hole.

The ultimate anonymous sex fantasy I guess is the 'gloryhole,' but I've only heard of this in connection with gay men. I wonder if such things as heterosexual 'glory holes' exist. Tje logistics might prove problematic ...

Not only is it real, but there are enough women who do this ever week to open commercial clubs that cater to this fetish. There are currently two in Toronto where I live. As for the risk/benefit equation, I don't see this activity being any more dangerous to your health than many mainstream recreational activities. I will contend that sky diving, snorkling, snowboarding, car racing, white water rafting, rock climbing, etc are recreational activities MUCH more dangerous than anonymous sex. And if you smoke cigarettes, you're running a health risk that is unambiguously dangerous, yet, we're always criticized for risky sex. What are the odds? Well, let's put it this way. In my life I've had unprotected anonymous vaginal and anal intercourse with literally thousands of uncontactable strangers, and I've never caught anything. Lucky? Perhaps, but no more lucky than the avid rock climber, boater, or private pilot. And ******* is a LOT more enjoyable than any of those things.

Is this real or fantasy? If the former then Galanga will by my reckoning have had unprotected sex with something like 200 complete - and presumably uncontactable - strangers. Not calculated to increase life expectancy it seems to me ...

Wow I think that has been said before. I have never herd of such a thing in Australia but god I would love to participate. I'm runny thinking about it.

Wow I think that has been said before. I have never herd of such a thing in Australia but god I would love to participate. I'm runny thinking about it.

Wow I think that has been said before. I have never herd of such a thing in Australia but god I would love to participate. I'm runny thinking about it.

An update - Blackout hunts have become very popular in Toronto. There is an on-premise swingers club that has a "black room" every week and there are numerous private parties that take place in lightless, windowless basements. <br />
<br />
Also, there is a park by the lake shore that has a large desolate unlit wooded area popular as a "lovers lane". At night this area is almost lightless, and populated by hoards voyeurs who use the minuscule amount of starlight to watch kids have sex. During summer months this area is used by "doggers" - women (actually couples) who passively lay on the benches or in the woods allowing themselves to be employed to deliver the finale to these men. Dogging appeals to a rape fantasy quite well. It is REAL rape because these men don't know if you're consenting, passed out, drunk, or even alive. These men are voyeurs, perverts who hide in the woods and jerk off watching teen lovers. So they have a genuine predatory mindset. In the almost total darkness they know you can't see them. And these men have been there for hours hunting voyeurism and building up a desperation like few men ever know. So when they "get" you, you are draining hours of pent up frustration. And there's about two dozen of them. <br />
<br />
I went dogging several times last summer at that park and it was wicked. What strikes you the first time is the surprisingly low physical impact. Remember, these men DO NOT want to "wake you up", "snap you out of it", or otherwise "rock the boat". So don't expect to get ****** hard, spanked, or hear choruses of "who's ya daddy". The thrill you get is more psychological than physical, so if you don't have a rape fantasy you will actually be disappointed at how non-intrusive the sex is. <br />
<br />
A lot of them will not even penetrate you, but will gently feel you up and jerk off. Those who do penetrate will go in very gently and gradually. ****** usually hits them within a few seconds of first penetration, then they fight hard to stay inside you without losing control until their ****** is complete. Most will hold their breath so as to avoid making any vocalization at climax. I remember just moving my head right after this one guy's first squirt and he instantly yanked out of me and bolted like a shot. He ran away so panic stricken that he actually ran into the lake. <br />
<br />
Dogging is tremendous fun. The way I do it is to feign intoxication, pretending to be unconscious or otherwise oblivious to my surroundings. I wear a very short minidress with nothing underneath to make "rape" easy. I never do this alone. I always bring two male companions who hide within reach and keep a good eye on me. Consequently, I always feel totally safe. Feeling safe is a big part of enjoying your rape fantasy. Park perverts are amazingly shy, hiding from one another. So you won't get mobbed. They will come at you one at a time. The first one will be very reluctant. He will try to talk to you, perhaps touch you then back away, etc. What he's doing is testing your awareness. After him, the rest will forgo such formalities and go right for ******. Obviously they're watching each other as they wait their turn. <br />
<br />
Keep in mind this is BAREBACK activity. Don't expect any of them to pull out a condom. So if you're not comfortable with that, forget it. Also, dogging takes many forms. This is the way I do it because I get off on opportunistic rape. That's just my quirk. But some women will prefer to engage the men personally before sex, kind of like what you'd do at a swingers club.

Re: my last comment. It was supposed to end "yes, no, don't know" - indicating that "fear" and "sense of responsibility" were battling it out with "fetish" in my mind.

Not crazy about the bareback thing either, but sounds HOT! Would I go to a blackout hunt - yes, no!

OMG!! I'm on a mission to find this kind of club. I work in NYC and live in Jersey. I usually go to a nightclub in NYC to get the groping & grinding on (and sometimes a quickie). But my ultimate fantasy is to be "taken" by a few men where I am rendered helpless. Not crazy about the bareback thing being married and all and plan on remaining d/d free. I LOVE to be groped by strangers!

OMG!! I'm on a mission to find this kind of club. I work in NYC and live in Jersey. I usually go to a nightclub in NYC to get the groping & grinding on (and sometimes a quickie). But my ultimate fantasy is to be "taken" by a few men where I am rendered helpless. Not crazy about the bareback thing being married and all and plan on remaining d/d free. I LOVE to be groped by strangers!

No really. Can I google this? Or do I have to know people like in "Eyes Wide Shut"?

Blackout Hunts are common in NYC and here in Toronto. I know there is a group that runs them in Jersey City. But because they are illegal, you won't find them advertised on Craigslist or any such public forum. I know how to find them in Toronto, but you'll have to ask around where you live.

Where di you find out info on the blackout hunts? I live in NY

I've also heard of "rape-to-order" events where a couple will choreograph what they would like to have happen, then participate willingly in being "abducted" and "raped." Safe words, of course, but all involved stay in character.<br />
<br />
When the drama is over, the couple is released to go their own way.<br />
<br />
Well written, btw. Thanks for sharing.

Jeez! I did these acts witout knowing. I used to tickle my cousin and inadvertly touch her *** and *****. She enjoyed and tease me till I tickled her.

WOW. <br />
impressive writing. powerfully concise.