I Stopped A Little Girl From Being Raped Once

Firstly, virtually every woman I am close to has been raped. My own mother was raped by police, in a police station. I think one of the great tragedies of our time is the failure of our justice system and society to address rape, and I personally would not trust the traditional justice system to ever handle any instance of this in my personal life, if someone were to ask me what my proudest moment in my life would be, it wouldnt be my beautiful daughter, or my perfect wife, those are all things that I have done for me, really. It would be the story below.

I was driving to work as an english tutor in a large tundra pickup, it was late morning, when I saw two men in a ****** little cloth-top car roll past a little girl on her bicycle at the park nearby. They pulled past her slowly, which caught my attention, then after going to turn down the street next to them, they kicked it into reverse and pull right up next to the little girl. I dont think she ever even noticed them really. The two didnt see me, but I saw them. I pulled around the parking lot corner and pulled RIGHT UP IN THEIR FACES in my truck, I was probably literally 2-3 inches from the nose of their vehicle. The look of terror on their faces was telling, they looked like they had **** their pants. They immediately pulled back enough to get back and pull away, they drove off and i didn't see their vehicle at that park again for the time I lived there. My blood boiled for the entire drive to work, and I still regret not calling the police about this..I secretly worry that they just drove down the street a little further and found someone else. I don't know for sure that those people had bad intentions, but I do think I saved that little girl that day. She might not even know that I helped her, her parents dont know what would have happened, or how close it was.

I hope this brings some comfort to all of you out there who have been victimized by others, there are some people out there who will help, and do help prevent these tragedies every day. Even if the police and justice system turn a blind eye to these terrible human tragedies, not all of us do. There are some people out there who would give everything to stop a single rape from occuring ; There are people out there that you will never know who are fighting for you.
BPDhubby BPDhubby
Dec 9, 2012