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a girl who i've been trying to befriend saw another girl being screamed and hit
by a man on her trip on the train and shouted at him and got in their way
and was headbutted and had to fill out a police report of what the guy did

The tumblr now in spite of having a newspaper article about it, showing a
photograph of the police report etc is being torn apart for any reason what
so ever to declare it a fake

It makes me think back to someone I read about rape victims and how if there
were any complicating factors they wouldn't even come forward.

Like if the woman had been wearing a provactive outfit

Or she had been drinking

oh god forbid she flirted with the guy

Or even kissed him or teased him into getting turned on.

Because apparentally some men can't handle getting an erection without doing
something about it

you know they say things like when a guy goes offf far from his girl/wife and
he cheats on her that "a man has needs" but ****** is an impulse. not a need.

to say that you absolutely had no choice but to satisify it is to
compare yourself to a god damn animal... You are human and you
have higher cognative function than that. There is an override switch.
I don't mean animal like a bear either, something you could easily turn into
something sexy.

I mean like some kind of lowly reptile or fish. You are so much
more than your instincts and I REFUSE to accept this "I'm a guy! I can't help it!"
line of **** men try to pull. The most shameful aspect of this whole culture
is that we CAN do better, instead we make excuses we don't deserve.

Not only do men seem to be hellbent on embracing the idea that men are either
perverts or weird but that sense that's the case we should embrace our inner

so every time a woman accuses someone of being raped the first question is

"You were drinking that night, correct?"
followed by "How much did you have to drink?"

because we know, like slimy ******** that the jury will blame the victim

who "Should have known better"

No dude. no. We should not have to teach women to protect themselves. We
should be teaching boys that rape is always wrong and that if you do it you
deserve to suffer.

we should be teaching them the definiton of rape and that it can be phrased
a million different ways but all are rape.

I for one don't give a **** if she was blitzed and in a skimpy outfit: no means no.

hell, I don't care if she STARTED to BLOW you and then suddenly stopped: no means no.
ManifestoOfThePhoenix ManifestoOfThePhoenix
31-35, M
Dec 9, 2012