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Move To Grandpa's

My mom and stepdad split for a bit and me and my mom moved to Alabama to stay with my grandpa cause my older sister was living with her aunt and my 17 almost 18 year old sister was living with her husband and baby and had no room. My cousin was over there non stop and i didnt really like him cause he raped me when i was little and that was another reason i got put in foster care cause i told but anyway we stayed there and i started hanging with my cousin and his friend again and they knew i was hooked on drugs so they had me go over to his friends house to get ****** up and we did then they started smiling at me and laughing and out of nowere started hiting me and took turns raping me while the other one recorded it on video, about a couple days later i tryed to fight my cousin and my grandpa kicked me out so me and my mom moved back to michigan with my stepdad.
mandyvargas18 mandyvargas18 18-21, F Dec 20, 2012

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