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I Was Raped By My Dad

When I was 10 my dad bought me a lovely pink dress for my birthday which I loved! He took the dress off me and said "I can't afford this dress now baby, if you do something for me, then I will let you keep it and work harder for cash"

I was soooo happy and I told him anything! We drove back home in his truck and he started rubbing my ***** through my trousers, I told him I didn't like it and I wanted to go play and he said I have to keep doing it or else! Then he put my hand on his thingy and he said to keep rubbing it cause it was hurting him, I didn't like daddy being in pain so I left my hand there and started moving it up and down like he said. We stopped at the red lights and he unzipped and took his jeans and pants completely off and then he grabbed my pigtails and pushed my head down on his penis, it was a yucky salty taste! He kept pushing my head further and further and it nearly made me puke!!

We got home, and he took my pants off and pushed his thing in me! It hurt so much!!! I screamed and he nearly pushed his whole fist in my mouth! I couldn't breathe and my ***** felt on fire. I cried and said I didn't want it, but that made him push harder. He pulled it out of my ***** and then got on top of me and came all over my face and wiped the *** drips in my hair.

He told me I won't have to do it again and he will buy me a new present but I don't know how I feel anymore now.

I'm older now and I really want to be forced into anything and everything by daddy. Dirty talk makes me horny especially when I'm called ****, ***** etc
Katiethomas22 Katiethomas22 22-25, F 3 Responses Jan 26, 2013

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Wench is a better term and I think it suits you better :)

write more about you being raped by your father. i find it so horny

yeah more!

Great story I am happy about the way you have progressed sexually