I Raped Someone

I Raped a Woman and I am now sorry. It was over 20 years ago. Me and a friend went out drinking. we ran into a friend of his who had 2 girls in there early 20's with him they both were kinda drunk to start with the 2 girls left with me and my friend we hit a bar down the street one of the girls was talking to my friend he wanted her to go smoke a joint with him he ask if the 3 of us could go out to my Van I said yes then we drove down by the river the 2 of them smoked the joint in the back of my van she also had a bottle of Booze she was drinking the next thing I know was my friend said she has passed out after a wile I see my friend removing her pants and under ware and proceeded to have sex with her after about 10 minutes he finished and said to me go get some she is LA-LA I said what he said she is passed out go screw her . I climbed back to where she was laying in the seat with her paints off legs spread. I tried to talk to her no answer my friend kept saying screw her I did . I ask her again do you want to do anything ? she was out cold I pulled up her shirt that was still on sucked on her breasts she made no sound thin I had sex with her I climaxed in her
we both dressed her back up . My friend said we should take her home as she is drunk . I told him I remember her saying she lived with her Mom and Dad . I said we cant take her home her Dad would go off on us bringing her home so we found her car back at the other bar and put her in it . After I went to drop my friend off at his house I went and got a few hours of sleep but by 7am thought I better go make sure she was not still in her car or need help drove by and her car was gone , now that was a long time ago and guys thought if a girl passes out she is fair game but now I keep hearing it Is Rape I feel terrible
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It's good of you to confess. It was good you went to check on her. I don't think this makes you a bad person, unless you kept doing it to passed out women, or anyone... It was an error. It was a mistake. I've made mistakes. Lots of people have. Now, you just go forward and do your best to make life better for others, and even out the score.

It was the only time I ever did it . But do have guilt when I think back about it , and other times think what a turn on it would be to do it . But dont think I will as I dont want to leave a woman as a victim of me