No Time

I have to get up at 6AM to go to school. I only drink some chocolate milk, and sometimes, in the car, take a bite or two of something solid, and then eat when lunch comes at school. It depends on the day whether I'm really hungry or not. Hehe!
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Worst thing you could do. They say here:

Eat breakfast like a king, eat dinner like a prince, and eat supper like a poor man.

This matches medical recommendations as well.

Yes, I've heard of this. Again, this post is a year and a half old :P I do eat a meager breakfast (I typically stuff myself during lunch)... because breakfast on my biological clock is not 6 in the morning. It's at noonish. Lunch on my clock is around 3-5ish, and dinner at 8-10ish.

Reverse them and you're on the right track.

I have no time to eat in the morning, nor am I able to. lol

You're still young. Your body can still bare unhealthy rhythm. I'm sure that in the future things will change and you will be able to change. to be honest, at your age I didn't either have a healthy lifestyle. But later I did.

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