Never Hungry When I Wake...

It's that simple. I'll eat breakfast foods at any other time, but if I eat in the morning I feel ill. Eggs for dinner is fine.

On celebratory mornings with a special someone, I'll eat up big...but it's only happened a few times.

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In my family we never ate breakfast, there was no such thing. The earlier we would eat was around 11 am, so I'm guessing you would count that as lunch and then we would eat dinner around 5pm, even now, I am so used not eating breakfast that the times I have tried to eat early I really get sick.

COFFFFFFFFFEEE! Fresh brewed by a lover, mmmmm.

Oh, yeah! COFFEE! Oh, so important. When I have houseguests, even (especially) if they're hung over, I make sure they have a thermos of coffee waiting when they, um, come back to their painful senses......but that's another story.

Oh yeah, coffee's OK any time!<br />
And...>Breakfast at 1am after drinking at a rock show. Exquisite bliss!

Me too. Food looks horrible in the morning. I don't know how people stumble to the kitchen and get a bowl of cereal! I don't even open the fridge till afternoon.Amazing..when I go on a road trip, I like stopping for pancakes later in the morning. I never eat them otherwise. I'll kill for a cup of coffee, however.I want coffee fast and delicious!

I'm with you as well. I typically find that in the first two hours after waking, food doesn't sit well unless it's very light.<br />
<br />
Now I had a close friend who would call me up at 1 AM, and we would go out for breakfast! That was fun.

Oh cool Nan...I don't feel so strange now.<br />
Also I don't wake up mentally till 6pm...I'm most intellectually active at night.

I'm just like you. Food first thing in the a.m.? Groooghh!<br />
I can eat about 11:00 a.m. - brunch is okay. I'm a two-meal-a-day person.<br />
According to western medicine, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. One western school says eat grains, which sounds reasonable to me, and another school says eat protein. Also sounds reasonable. But actually eat it? Ew. Like you, I think breakfast meats are okay later in the day, but first thing??? I've tried and tried to discipline myself into eating breakfast, but just cannot do it. Until 11:00 a.m. at the earliest.<br />
I was reading a bit about Ayurvedic cooking, and learned that I (and probably you) belong to a certain type of eater that is totally un-hungry in the morning, but likes to eat at night. This apparently goes back to cave-people times. We trundle out in the a.m. looking for food - hunt and forage - then sit around the cave at night eating the rewards of our labour. Makes sense to me.<br />
Eggs Bennie at 8:00 a.m.? Barf. Eggs Bennie at ll:00 or 12:00? Yum. Full meal deal (and I don't mean fast food) at 7:00? o-KAY!