I can count on one hand the times my temper flared. I might get upset, disgusted, feed up but not to the limit of my temper getting out of hand.

Anyways, I am a passive-aggressive soul. My temper doesn't run outwardly but ... I absorb it! It sickens me ... body, soul and mind.

Matter of fact, the only two times that my temper released itself outside to another was... first... I had a cheating husband that I went and throw eggs into his lover's new car. evil smile.... The other time, another husband, an abusive husband.. I had had enough and picked up a big stick!

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1 Response Jan 6, 2013

I hope you used that stick ... some people deserve it

yup, it did. :-( didn't like the after-effects of such emotion, it had me on my knees! lordy. There's mighty strong power in anger!!!