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I don't like to talk about myself to people because I really don't see myself as that interesting. Looking back I've kind of had a sheltered life, so it doesn't seem like much to share. I'd just much rather ask people about their lives because I'm genuinely curious and have found that more than anything, most people LOVE to talk about themselves, and more often than not, I am content with that.

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Ha! I am much the same. Many people probably don't see themselves as "that interesting" because there aren't many surprises. And the ones who do think of themselves as facinating...hmm, well not all of them are at least!

you need to understand that everyone is special in their own way.. and so are you! <br />
<br />
but, if you think that you don't have anything very important to tell, you can start to do some little things to make a difference.. be a volunteer, travel to some country you would love to visit .. do something with your life, make your life interesting.