I usually like silver rings more. I have 2 surgical steal and silver rings.
But maybe the wedding ring should be special one, shouldn't be? Maybe gold one would be a nice change. 

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7 Responses Aug 5, 2010

hehe. ok ok ! Thanks for advice. So I will keep talking to that curly head that he must buy platinum rings :P

LOL :D yeah, that's true.. I was just thinking about it.. <br />
yes, paper is made from cellulose= wood.

Don't ruin my daydreaming :P or... evening-dreaming.

I think your future husband might have a say in this too :D and I think it'll depend on your finances...

hmmm, yes it also looks good. *dilemma*

or a white gold... my grandma just bought me a white gold ring... looks like silver

oh :) good idea! :) Thanks :)