Not A Fan Of Gold....

I am not a Huge fan of gold. I much rather perfer silver. I am not sure why, its just, the gold doesn't appeal to me the way silver does. So I can only hope that when a wedding ring is given to me, it will be silver


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1 Response Mar 10, 2010

If you do just let the man know. Gold is of MUCH higher value market wise. (End of 2009 prices: Gold was over $1200.00/troy ounce and silver was about $15.00/troy ounce.<br />
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I say that to say this. Men think gold and diamonds due to the fact they are of such high value. I would NEVER want my woman to feel second best!<br />
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If you hover explain to the man why I'm sure he would be happy to ablige just because he's in love with you if nothing else. It would be a great conversation starter I bet!<br />
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Anyhow just let the man know it is your favorite. He should come to figure out in that case, it would be the romantic thing for him to do.