I Rather Not Talk About the Pass

I had a Step Mom .
Did not no the things my Dad did.
And I rather I didn't no either.
I had to tell her what I new of the pass and what he did .
In some things to do with Money and things he felt.
I told her some things I new.
And the other I new of the passed .
I kept my mouth shut.
I thought to my self that is the pass and it is going to hurt her.
And how my Dad felt about the things that were in the passed.
He is gone now.
And the only one was going to hurt would be her and I.
So I thouight what is in the pass that can stay in the pass and stay there.
And rather not talk about the pass no more.
People just get hurted again and again.
I learn that this month.
To leave it in the pass.

And hope to help other people with that.

lashanda lashanda
51-55, F
4 Responses Mar 18, 2007

I have worked on them.<br />
it been 6 years . <br />
And it been that long.<br />
i would like to leave closed to them .<br />
But it looks like i need to stay here.<br />
I have done wrong to and leave them in the past and do not bring up . they have been worked on.<br />
<br />
go on and move on.<br />
<br />
thank you .<br />
<br />

I agree with you for the most part as long as you can handle those things that have happened to you and depression doesn't set in. If it gets to be too much to bare than I would seek help, otherwise if you can move on and put it behind you then thats good also.

some time you have to let go and let god and move on.<br />
i have done talk some one .<br />
it is time to move on . <br />
and let it go on with life.

Sometimes the past is painful. Maybe talking to a Counselor can help overcome the pain you feel!