Me Too!

It's so thrilling. I can lick him all over and go down on him for a long time. I love bringing him to the peak of excitement, holding him just on the edge of ****** on and on before bringing him to a climax. I start burning between my legs, and get wet all inside my thighs from excitement. Its amazing the state we reach, the passion and the intimacy; its almost like becoming one. There's nothing better.

wetlinda wetlinda
46-50, F
1 Response Mar 7, 2010

I cen tell you first hand what a delicious experience for a guy this is... <br />
I know a girl that had the greatest exitement when she was sucking me. It was so real, her ****y got so wet and warm, her entire body communicated passion, whe she was doing me I used extend my arm and reach and she was already so wet just by starting to go down. You can tell when somebody enjoys it by the body language, full of signs. Another friend likesd to play with her hand while watching very closely, she is very visual and really enjoys watching the penis, it varies I guess but when you enjoy we really trully enjoy, thanks in behalf of all men darling