I Love Giving Pleasure While Being Denied Any Myself...

I love giving pleasure to someone, whilst knowing I am not going to receive any myself. It makes me so submissive, not being allowed to ***, my strainig penis being ignored, despite it's desperate bids for attention. The only thing me and my girlfriend are concentrating on is giving her the best possible ******. Not being allowed to *** makes me helplessly really horny quite a lot of the time, and very submissive as I've said.

This morning I made my girlfriend breakfast and a cup of tea, which I cleaned up after she'd finished. I didn't have anything to eat myself, even though I was a little bit hungry. Needless to say this simple act made me feel extra-submissive towards her! I sat next to her on the sofa, and started kissing her and gently playing with her breasts. She started pulling off my top, so I pulled off the rest of my clothes.

I stood in front of her, completely naked, and slowly started to pull ofh her trousers. She wasn't wearing any underwear- something she quite often does. She laid back lazily on the sofa, opening her legs a little, and bucking her hips toward me to indicate I should go down on her.

I think my love for being in this sort of situation goes back to my first proper sexual experiences- which were both with a couple of guys- on the same day! On both occasions I ended up having them *** in my mouth whilst I was on my knees naked in front of them. They both left afterwards as well, leaving me horny and a little bit humiliated, naked on the floor with the taste of them still in my mouth..............! Even though they were a bit younger than me, both the other guys had much bigger dicks than me, which I have to admit I found a turn-on. I never would have thought my first experiences would be with guys, but I'm really glad it happened, and spend a lot of time thinking about it!



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So true!!!