I Can't Help Myself!

If you want to hear me squeal like a little girl and see my eyes dilate, also here the baby-talk and cooing, just send a cat into the room! Cat or kitten, I go ga-ga whenever I see one! Even a photo of a kitten or cat will make me go, "AWWWW!" :-D

And I get close to the screen, whenever one appears on the tv, reaching for it and squealing! XD

My cat, Bubbles, have recently had kittens. Three very cute and playful ones! They rather run around and play, but the crazy lady (me) will often grab them, hugging and kissing them, squealing how very cute they are! And they will sigh, annoyed, as they rather go play! =p

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1 Response Mar 14, 2009

there is a witch in every woman xx